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Telehealth Appointments

Heraclitus wisely noted that “The only constant in life is change”.

The emergence of COVID-19 here in the spring of 2020 & nationwide stay at home directives for much of our country brought change to my clinic as well. Telehealth sessions have become a helpful way to stay connected with my patients when in person visits are not feasible.

Telehealth appointments will remain post COVID-19 as they’ve been an effective way to check in with patients and offer guidance in many aspects of their healthcare we normally work on in our in-person appointments: Acupressure/yoga/dry brushing related to meridians; and Chinese medicine dietary therapy and herbal formulations. Herbal formulas can be shipped direct to you.

Telehealth appointments are offered through HIPAA and privacy compliant portals using phone or video.

Don’t let distance keep you far away from your wellness!

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