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Acupuncture in Durango, Colorado

Stacey A. Kent

 We often know when something is off within us, when we just don’t feel our best, and when we are “out of balance”. Sometimes we know when that feeling began and what happened that lead to it. Other times that is not as easily identified and there’s a vagueness or “mystery” to our current sense of unease. 

I believe that we all want to feel as good as we can, for as long as we can. The details of what that looks like are unique to each one of us. My version of how I want to feel my best could be different than how you want to feel at your best…Your health & wellness care needs to take that into account. 

You are more than a list of current symptoms.  

What if you could feel better…what would that look like? We may not know what the future holds, however we can feel confident that what we do in this moment likely impacts what comes next. Let’s figure out what is possible and how to help you feel closer to your best. 

Acupuncture medicine looks at the whole person of you. We try to understand what’s involved in how you’re feeling today. Asking, listening & reflection, and palpating are just some of what helps us learn how things have developed and how the various pieces are connected. 

I select or combine acupuncture, herbal/botanical medicine, mindfulness habits, cupping, gua sha, and kinesiotaping based on your specific condition. We need to determine which of those your body & mind will understand and respond to. 

 Bring your curiosity and leave the shoulds at home, let’s see if acupuncture medicine can benefit you….

 Yours in health & wellness, Stacey

Acupuncture Treatment on knee


Fire cupping treatment on back



Herbal Medicine


Massage Therapy

knee taping


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Acupuncture in Durango
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Acupuncture in a Nutshell

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