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Food as Preventative Medicine






I cannot say whether things will get better if we change;

what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.

                                                                        -Georg C. Lichtenberg



For most of us, eating is an every day occurrence. The dependability of that implies that making changes to our eating can have profound impact. How we engage with food can be an important area to explore on the path to wellness.

Intentional changes within our eating habits can create dramatic changes in how we feel.

I deliberately do not use the term “diet”. I don’t like how that feels. For many that word elicits feelings of stress, resistance, shoulds, and negative memories of all our past “diets”. Not helpful.

I view food & eating as a relationship, made up of many collaborative parts. There’s no one way of eating that’s right for everyone.

Chinese medicine considers the therapeutic actions of foods, based on their taste, temperature, and affinity for certain organ systems when suggesting amending your eating. The same process we use to observe disharmonies in order to treat with acupuncture & herbs is used for food therapy. Food can play a part in your preventative wellness plan.

Our bodies are constantly changing & are also reflecting what’s changing in our environment. Changes in season where we live in addition to shifts in our other physical and emotional environments are taken into account when assessing our food habits.

Let’s stay curious about our relationship with food and our habits around eating. Let’s listen to what our bodies tell us & explore what shifts we can make to bring us to our most vibrant and balanced state of living.


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